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Sell Bitcoin in Dubai With Cash

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We guarantee the best rate

We price match all local dealer competitors (including their online prices).

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Fast cryptocurrency payouts - no more waiting time

Best commissions available

Great commission structure for all transactions with no hidden fees.

Global payments

We accept payments from nearly anywhere, as we support 180+ countries

$100,000 Insurance

Secure Checkout with coverage up to $100,000 Identity Protection.

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Our dedicated, multilingual support team is ready to help you out via email or live chat

















How to Sell Bitcoin in Dubai?

Steps to Proceed

Welcome to 800crypto, the exchange that helps you buy and sell the most popular virtual currencies.

To proceed, here’s a quick guide on how to sell Bitcoin and Receive Cash or Bank Transfer:

  • 1st Step: Start a new transaction.
  • 2nd Step: Choose how would you like to receive your cash.
  • 3rd Step: Transfer BTC to 800crypto and money will be sent to your chosen method.

The process takes 5-10 minutes to complete and money will arrive in 1-5 working days (depending on your bank’s processing times). For more details, swipe through the steps.

Benefits of Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin in 2009. Since then, it has increased in popularity thanks to its advantages over traditional currencies:

  • Bitcoin can be sent to anyone in the world, instantly, and at any time.
  • BTC transfers have low fees and are faster than bank transfers.
  • Governmental institutions cannot control Bitcoin.
  • With only 21 million Bitcoins in existence, the scarcity and the value of the coin is constantly increasing.

Having said that, it's also important to sell BTC when it's needed and use it as a means of payment.

What's the best way to sell Bitcoin online

To shop on the web, a bank card is all you need. That’s also the reason many people choose to exchange Bitcoin to visa card:

  • Transactions are secure and enable you to spend your money immediately after you receive your funds
  • You can convert Bitcoin to Dirham (AED), Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), or other currencies.

If you are ready to sell, the good news is, 800crypto's service is not only the best way to buy but also the best way to sell Bitcoins online.

Why choose 800crypto?

If you are looking for a convenient way to Sell crypto in Dubai fast, here are the reasons to choose 800crypto:

  • Our interface is user friendly and it takes less than 10 minutes to transfer bitcoin to visa card.
  • Our support team is online 24/7 and is constantly praised for their personal approach.
  • 800crypto supports nearly 180 countries and most of the popular currencies.

So, what’s next after you withdraw Bitcoin? To make sure you have all the necessary information, check the tips on the next slide.

What’s next after you sell Bitcoin?

After you sell Bitcoins, if you choose to have cash delivery you will get a call from currier on the same or next day to schedule your cash delivery.

if you choose cash pickup you can visit our office from Saturday to Thursday 10 Am to 5 PM, please make sure to carry your id.

For ATM deposit you will receive the deposit on the same or next business day. Please make sure the info you've entered is the same on the account.

Why people trust 800crypto

Sell bitcoin in dubai with cash

No hidden fees
Verification in less than 5 minutes
Licenses Payment Service Providers
24/7/365 live customer support
800crypto is a leading over the counter Bitcoin shop where you can sell Bitcoin in Dubai with cash instantly and safely along with free cryptocurrency consultation service. Sell your Bitcoin today with the currency of your choosing! Buy Bitcoin (BTC) at the lowest possible price in Dubai UAE. 800CRYPTO works on the principle of peer-to-peer finance that enables you to buy BTC with as little as 500USD. You can buy directly from 800CRYPTO without banks or corporations. The best part? LOW fees when you purchase Bitcoin on 800CRYPTO. That means you get more crypto for your money. Thanks to nearly 40 payment methods available on the branch, you can turn your cash into Bitcoin instantly. You can also trade other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum for Bitcoin, or even get crypto debit card and top-up with Bitcoin. 800CRYPTO is protected with vault-level security and regulated. The marketplace is strictly monitored by our army of analysts and users are verified to ensure a safe trading environment.
40-person team with expertise and experience
More than $170,000,000 in annual transactions
Instant cryptocurrency payouts
Lowest fees on the market
Excellent option for beginners and pros
Serving 180+ countries

FAQ about buying BTC (Bitcoin) in 800crypto Dubai

This is my first time. Can you help me?

Yes, of course. Visit our office, and our employees will be happy to assist you with your transaction.

What is the min/max amount that I can sell?

Our Minimum Transaction Amount is 0.001 BTC and Maximum 4M BTC Per Person Per Day

How long does it take to sell Bitcoin in 800crypto Dubai?

The exchange takes around 5 to 10 minutes. We want our service to be convenient, and we try to take care of your needs as quickly as possible.

What are the opening and closing hours of the Dubai office?

Monday to Saturday 10 A.M. to 7 P.M., Sunday closed.

How many branches do you have in Dubai?

We have Few Branches in Dubai. But The Most convenient Branch is Located at Marasi Drive Business Bay P4 Floor Office P401 and P402 The Binary By Omniyat - Dubai - UAE

Can I Get USD or Euro Instead of AED?

Yes You Can Pay Via USD or Euro :)

Can I Sell Bitcoin (BTC) online?

Yes You Can Sell Online And Get Cash Or Bank Transfer By Visiting The Sell Page, or by Downloading our APP. Also Available on Our OTC (Over the Counter) exchange.

Can I send Bitcoin to another person with cash in 800crypto?

By providing your ID, you can send cryptocurrency to another person.

Can bitcoin be converted to cash?

Yes Bitcoin can be exchanged for cash just like any other cryptocurrency in 800crypto branches in Dubai.

Do you have an app?

Yes We Do Have an App, You Can Download From Apple Store Or Google Play.

Do you provide receipt when i sell my Bitcoin in your Dubai store?

Yes we do provide an official receipt for any transaction. is the best place to buy Bitcoin in Dubai UAE instantly. Now you can buy bitcoin and other cryptos in Dubai easily and securely with

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